Sunday, July 5, 2015

YOP Week #1

This is the first week of the Year of Projects 2015-2016 season on Ravelry!  I am participating again but this year will be a little different for me as I am "cleaning house" both literally and figuratively.  I am planning on moving back to my home state of Illinois hopefully before Christmas therefore I am focusing all my efforts on "downsizing" and getting this house ready to sell.  The only projects I will be working on until then will the the ones I didn't finish from previous years! LOL!  Plus, gifts for Christmas and birthdays which I can't always show.  I did have a good year but I've noticed the more finishes I have the longer my list gets too ie; there's no way I will ever finish all the projects I would like to make unless I clone myself. 
I have lists for each YOP year on the right side of my blog that I try and keep updated and that is why I don't list them here each week other than what I am currently working on.  I will have some new projects listed but they probably won't get started until after the New Year.  I have not published my YOP 2015-2016 list there yet but it will be out there later this week.  I have some deadlines for birthday presents that I need to meet.  July is almost as bad as Christmas in my family when it comes to birthdays....busy month!  So, until my list is up, here is what I am working on (not counting secret presents I can't show as my daughter (3 birthdays and 1 anniversary right there)  reads my blog now!) LOL!  I will post them after they have received them though.
An apology to my usual blog readers also as this month has been "something else".  I think Mercury is in retrograde which might account for some of it but I've had car troubles, my dryer broke and then the air conditioning went out and the modem and the internet!  Plus, I had some financial business which required some special bank signature which I spent a week just trying to get that taken care's been nuts!  On top of that hanging clothes in the basement and taking care of a new kitten has definitely taken up any free time I might have had to do other things.  That being said, I will try and get "back on track this week". 
Here is one of my sweet "time consumers" who has now been wormed, went from 7 ounces to 14 and has had her first shot of a series.  Oh, she is now called Miss Peeps since Mr. Peeps didn't really fit HER! LOL!
 She's in the house now too and wreaking havoc!  The girls are all very tolerant and Nitty (the Rottweiller) has pretty much adopted her...she's the "cat herder".  Grace (my other cat) doesn't really want anything to do with her....I think her nose is out of joint about not being the only cat in the house now so I have to spend time reassuring her.  Annie, the miniature dachsund has been extremely tolerant as Miss Peeps takes over her bed, jumps on her back and bites her tail!  They're all getting their exercise that's for sure and I made the mistake of wearing crop pants one day and now I look like I have leprosy!    I'll be wearing long pants this summer!  But we love her and she gets better each day.  She's sure given me a lot of laughs with her antics.  I wish I could have gotten a video of her "riding the dachsund"! LOL!
Here's what I am working on presently when I get a moment............the preemie hats!  I need 52 by the time my daughter comes next month.  I need to corral them, count them and see where I am.
I love how my Hudson Bay Blanket socks are turning out and my sock skills have definitely improved this year big time!  I have actually turned the heel and am working on the gusset since this picture was taken.
I'm hurrying towards the finish line on this quilt and finally got the quilt trimmed and the binding sewn.  I started sewing it to the quilt last night and the seam in the binding ended up right at the corner and corners are hard enough so I ripped it out and will redo it today when I am "fresh".  I should know better than to try and do anything in the evening....I'm toast by then.
My Sunday chores are usually change my sheets, do laundry and iron and now without a dryer I am doing laundry much more often as it has to line dry in my basement and there is more ironing.  I may have to put out the $400 for the dryer as line drying indoors does not get rid of "fuzz" on anything and it's driving me crazy when I dry my face or hands etc.  Where does "fuzz" come from anyway? LOL!
I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend if you are in the States.  I watched The Capitol 4th on PBS and that was my 4th of July celebration. 
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More gifts came in the mail!

Yesterday I got a package from my daughter in the mail!  She always sends the neatest things.....take a look and see if you don't agree...........
I love these old style potato mashers.  They do a better job than my kitchen aide and I don't dirty as many dishes
 I guess I'll be the sheriff in my home daughter said I've always been the sheriff...rustlin' up the bad guys! LOL!  And just in case I hurt myself doing it I've got some official cowboy bandaids to take care of my "owies"!
She's out of school for the summer now and she and the boys have been scouring some garage sales.  I think they found some real "treasures"!  She knows I used to read the Bobbsey Twins when I was a little girl. 
Maybe I'll read this to the boys when they come this summer.  It looks like a good one!
Look at these awesome buttons (like I don't have enough....can anyone really have enough buttons?)  I about fainted thinking she had spent that amount on buttons but she assured me she only paid .25 per card...whew!  She is THE BEST garage sale shopper although all my children are as I dragged them with me all those years ago. LOL!  They learned from a master! Ha! Ha!
And look at these wool threads on their original vintage cards.....LOVE!!!!
Do I not have the sweetest daughter in the whole wide world?  I think so and that's all that matters.
Thank you dear daughter!
Yesterday was Walmart in the morning and it was garbage day and I proudly took out 4 bags full!  Normally I'm a one-bagger but cleaning out I could definitely tell that progress was made this past week.  I was going to take Mr. Peeps to the vet but by the time I got home and put everything away the storm clouds were moving in so I decided to wait.  Plus, I was tired.  I got everything put away and cleaned up the house and made a rustic pizza for supper. 
This time it was provolone, pepperoni, leftover cauliflower and some mozzarella.  I used a Martha White pizza crust mix I had in the cupboard.  I am trying to use up food I have from cupboards and freezer.
Today there is more cleaning out of the middle bedroom, bills to pay and I have leftover apricot filling so I need to make more dough for the fold overs.  I need to finish middle bedroom clean out this week and pack one box a day to stay on schedule for my move.  I guess I better get going!
Happy Trails!  

Monday, June 15, 2015

YOP Week #50

Oh my!  Only 2 more weeks until this year of projects is over!  I can't believe this year went by so fast!   I am all about "finishing", packing and clearing out but I managed to work on a few things this week.
 My Hudson Bay socks are coming along beautifully and looking just like I hoped they would......
 I also "finished" hand tying Uriah's quilt and today I'll remove the basting pins then it will be on to the binding which I will have to research as it has been a while.  I started out using a tapestry needle and it broke and was difficult to use and hard on my hands using DK weight yarn so I switched to a chenille needle and that was much easier and faster in the long run.
Since I plan on moving this year, I will probably stick to finishing all my past YOP projects but then I was going through some books to pack or get rid of and I came across this old book.......
I thought for sure the patterns would be outdated and not anything I would care for much but was I ever wrong!  You know how I love blankets and moving up North I am going to need them for sure! LOL!  So you might be seeing some of these on my list for next year........
here's a combo of crochet, knitting and wool squares....everything I love!
I love this medallion granny square.........
a granny square doll blanket......
a sampler knitted blanket.  I love these types of blankets...........
A log cabin crocheted blanket....LOVE!
another granny square can never have enough of these....
I managed to do some "retro" baking over the weekend too.....apricot fold-overs (I make the dough and filling one day and then roll out, fill and bake the next day)'s from my old BH&G cookbook.  I'm not very good at the folding part and I tried several different techniques but regardless they all tasted wonderful! LOL!  If anyone has made these and knows how they're supposed to look please let me know.  Mine look more like little egg rolls.
It's starting to feel like summer and humid and the girls are smart......they take naps when it starts heating up.......(I couldn't get a picture of Nitty or Grace)'s Annie but she can't close her eyes because she's on daytime guard duty while Nitty sleeps (she has the night shift)
This little one has figured out how to climb into my favorite rocker......
That's all for this YOP week!
Happy Trails!