Saturday, May 23, 2015

I've got the sewing bug (continued from yesterday)

As for the clothes sewing...........I've been searching for awhile as at my age nothing retail really fits and/or it is not comfortable and although I'd like to look nice, comfort is first and foremost.  So it seems the Japanese designers are on to something and I like it!  This book cost $13.00 and has 20 patterns while Simplicity charges about that much for one!  Although, I do have to trace and make my pattern which I've never done.  What paper should I use?  Does anyone know?  The pattern pieces are interchangeable and utilized in several of the looks thus the need for tracing. I know how to trace and I have the equipment for that I'm just curious as to what I should use to trace it unto?  Not tissue paper....that would be a disaster knowing me.  Maybe brown wrapping paper like you wrap packages in to mail or white paper on a roll although I don't know where you find it or what it's really called.
Anyway, it's another "adventure" in fiber fun for me! 
I used to have a pair of old Japanese Gardening pants that I wore in the garden and they were awesome....they were cotton with deep pockets and they were designed so you could bend at the knee without cutting off your circulation, etc.  ie; they were working clothes whereas most of the clothes today (for women at least) are for style with little functionality.  I have a hard time even finding pockets in women's clothing...really?  So, I'm disgusted with American clothes and designers and yet there is a whole aging population who's bodies have changed and there aren't any clothes (for either male or female in that category) that fit an aging person's body...knits are hot and hug the body both of which I want to avoid.  You do get "thin-skinned" as you age and elastic can rub you raw even when it's not too tight.  Men have it a little easier as they have always demanded functionality from the retail market.  You won't see guys wearing high heels or spandex to hold it all in.  I have never understood women and I am one!  Men have been chasing women since time began so why do women  go nuts trying to impress them?  I dress for myself and no one else.  Same with my hair and any makeup I may or may not put on.  If I like what I see in the mirror that's all that counts.  But I digress.  The point is someone out there needs to design clothes for the practical person not the fashion divas...they have enough at their disposal.  But I can't wait thus I am making my own wardrobe with my little Singer and my 2 hands.  I am hoping that the pants above are like my old Japanese gardening pants.  I still have them as I was going to take them apart and make my own pattern from them and I still might combine the 2....we'll see.  When you get to be my age it is no longer 36-24-36 or is more like 36-36-36 or more! LOL! 
Here are some other "looks" they have in the book and there are more books out there just like it with different patterns.........

If all goes well, I would like to make the slacks and tunic tops that are made of hemp, cotton and/or linen for coolness.  Knit do not breathe in MHO and although they stretch, my summer wardrobe will be lightweight material and no synthetics.  Plus, I can pick the prints I want which will be cute and happy prints.  Who knows, maybe I'll become a fashion designer for the "mature" set!  LOL!

P.S.  Since when did Memorial Day weekend start being on the 25th?  I thought it was always at the end of the month?
Happy Trails!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Yesterday was Wally World....need I explain?

Shopping just wears me out and I should have known better than to think I would get a blog post in too! LOL!   But I am up this morning, fresh and renewed and ready to take on the world!  I thought I would blog first before I get on with my day else I may not make it back here.  I plan on being outside working all day and I will take my water, a book and some crochet for when I take a "break".  The weather is scrumptious right now!  It's 52 and sunny!  Perfect for working outside but first...I have "treasures" to show you.
I mentioned that Sue, the book fairy stopped by and look what she brought me..........
But wait...........that's not you see some of these books?  Old authors and one I have been searching for .....Gladys Taber and her Stillmeadow farm books.  Well, actually, anything she wrote is  up my alley as it is non-fiction and about her life in an old farmhouse with her dogs.....story of my life except I need the farmhouse.  There's another Jessamyn West book that came before Me and Thee, Sue told me, called Friendly Persuasion so I'll be on the lookout for that one.  I am still "over the moon" about the Gladys Taber books.....what a treasure!  Thank you, Sue!
 She brought this beautiful and fascinating book over too and it is just on loan.  I haven't looked at it yet but soon it will be savored over a cup of tea in my jammies in bed with a few "biscuits".  Oh joy!  I promise not to get crumbs on your book, Sue!  In the bed maybe but not in the book.  LOL!
And to top it all off she made me a book mark with her new embroidery machine!  Too cute and no one ever has enough bookmarks...especially not us readers who read multiple books at a time.
I have hinted at but not really divulged to you that I have been bitten by the sewing, embroidery, Zakka-style, and "I need clothes and a new quilt".....BUG.  I went bonkers over a website I found which you might already be familiar with Nana And Company
I went nuts when I saw her creations and ended up going through her entire archives and pinning everything I saw practically.  Then I discover she's just published a book and don't you know I ordered it "lickety-split"!  It is now in my hot little hands and if I were you I would order one too! LOL!
I love embellishing and I love the little trims and tags and embroidered accents and the colors and fabrics are so sweet! Another designer that I love and that does that with such flair is Helen Phillips and I have several of her books too.   I have chosen 2 projects to work on first and they are the following.......
I was even able to get the material yesterday at Wally World....except for the linen which Amy uses a lot in her sewing.  That I will have to order along with a few other "necessities" like more fabric, trims and other items which might catch my eye....tee hee.
Here's the other project I am wanting to make.....isn't her work just too cute? 
I managed to get a few supplies at Wally World yesterday but I still need to order some more online......
I was able to get a few items on clearance and/or marked down too....that's always a plus.  Variegated rick rack?  Who knew? 

As for the's going to be this one...........utilizing the materials I have.  It's Alicia Paulson's Ollalieberry Ice Cream Quilt. 
She includes all sizes in her pattern; crib, twin, full, queen, and king.  A bargain for sure!  And the instructions are a nice reminder for me who hasn't quilted in a while now.
I need to stop now as this post is getting to be long again but I will be posting more about this soon as I have more I haven't shared!  For now though, I need to get outside and get to work!
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday Winnings!

We've had so much rain that my door mat started sprouting!  Aren't they cute?

Here's the "big picture"............
It was raining this morning and the house is so damp I made a little fire in the fireplace as I could not bring myself to turn the heat on in May in the south!  It was 58 when I got up this morning and is the perfect temperature for working outside's raining! LOL!
I won a drawing from Kristin Nicholas that she held on her blog.  It wasn't any of her books but it was a really cool one by Rebecca Ringquist who is a famous "stitcher" that even Susan B. Anderson took a class from and here it is in book form!  Am I lucky or what?  Thank you Kristin for having the drawing!
  She embroiders just about anything ON anything and how freeing is that? 
She takes vintage linens and embroiders on top of them and turns them into a completely new and different item.  There are many vintage linens I have that I hate to part with but they could definitely stand to be "refurbished".  I'm loving this idea!
She is definitely an artist when it comes to this medium of thread and cloth and you know how I hate to trash things if they can be resurrected at all.  She does a beautiful job of it too.  Look what she did with old patches
Or how about doilies being "reborn"?
The book includes a pre-stamped sampler to work on as part of the "workshop" and I think it is the same one she uses in her class as it looks like the one Susan B. Anderson worked on when she took Rebecca's workshop.  So many projects!  So little time!  But what fun I am having!  In between chores, of course.
I've been doing a little granny square work in the evenings as I have the pattern memorized and I can watch t.v. while working on them.....perfect!  I'm using Deramore's Stylecraft DK in all it's glorious many colors.  I am definitely an "eclectic" gal as I love mixing not matching.
Stop in tomorrow as Sue, The Book Fairy, came over, I got a new quilt pattern and my treasures  supplies, arrived by UPS a few minutes ago!  There will be no more "chores" done today! LOL!
I'm slowly catching up with blogging and visiting my blogger friends.  If I haven't been by, I will but until then.....Happy Trails!