Sunday, September 28, 2014

YOP Week #13

What a week!  The weather is perfect and I have to use it while I can.  You won't see gobs of progress on YOP's... just steady until Winter.  I have to balance it with outside work and also Project #2...The Kitchen, Day #2 is today.  Actually, yesterday was but I was over at the neighbors helping her pack up as she is the widow (they were separated) of my neighbor Paul, who died.  She came back from Florida to arrange for an estate sale and also to rent out the house and move what she was keeping down to Florida.  My heart went out to her as you could tell it was all a bit overwhelming for her.  But there were several helping her besides me and I met my new neighbor!  She's a retired teacher from Iowa!  Do you believe it?  She's very nice, loves animals and loves to read!  She was custom made to be my next door neighbor!  Anyway.......this is my "progress" at the end of the day when I was too tired to do anything else. LOL!
 Remember the afghan I was trying to resurrect with this Lion Brand Homespun yarn? Well, it wasn't working so I tried my favorite blanket pattern (again in crochet) and the problem with this yarn (besides being the yarn from hell) is that I can't count my crochet stitches which means you can't follow any pattern in crochet.  Someone mentioned they had no trouble knitting with it so I found a knitting pattern on Lion Brand specifically using Homespun.  The other problem was I had no idea it is technically a "bulky" yarn....that might have been part of my problem.  Anyway, I am off and knitting a "throw" and it is called a "wave" stitch which describes it perfectly as that's the effect you get after about 10-12 rows.  It's 136 stitches cast on and it is all squeezed on my long needles but so far so good and the one nice thing is even if I make a mistake I'm not sure you could ever see it! LOL!  I hope it will be big's hard to tell.
  I've got it figured out if I do 3 rows a day I should be done by the end of November or beginning of December.
 Another "bulky" project I dislike............the rug which will take forever but I do some each's a good t.v. project.........
and of course the long standing sock project........but...I am starting the heel!
Kitchen Project Day #1 got me this far...........I cleaned off this bookcase in my kitchen and put all my appliances and big pots on it with room left over.  I think I will make a curtain for it to keep the dust out plus appliances aren't all that!
I also started a new book my daughter brought me taken from journals and real life but made into a fictional account for young adults.  It got the Newberry Award and I may be looking into more "young adult" books as I love them!  This story is about a 16 year old orphan who inherits a "claim" and a shack to go with it in Montana but she has to "prove" the claim by fencing it and farming it.  I could read these types of books all the time. 
 *Katrina....if you haven't read this you will love's right up your alley!
Last year I bought the niftiest tool.  I don't like chain saws and most are too big for me to handle but this is a chain saw that you use like scissors and is more for saplings and limbs (no tree felling using this) which is all I need to do with it.  It works slick and as long as you can get the  "scissor" around it you can pretty much take it down.  It's also cordless and made by Black and Decker.  LOVE!!!!
This is my handiwork from yesterday.....easy peasy!  I told you it was a jungle down here! LOL!  At least in my yard it is.  I'm 66 and have RA so you can see how easy it must be. Plus, much safer for me than a chain saw.
Well, that's all for the YOP's but stay tuned for more progress on my 50 million other projects before winter comes! LOL!
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music....

 The porch is offcially done.....all 23 days of it and still.....
I need to move these out and find a home for them plus there's another rug to lay down but officially I am calling it done....
I have lots of room for more books (gardening) and pots for under the potting bench..........
The little black radiator is  my heater for the winter.....I have to keep my plants nice and warm....

Lots of room here............
and here...........
To celebrate I made my favorite Fall soup.........Penzey's brat, beer and cheddar
I don't have one of those fancy "boat motors" they use to puree things so I get out my antique which works just as well.  I don't like to "drink" my soup....I like it hearty so I don't do a lot of pureeing. 
I also made a Magic custard pie  which I have made for years when I want a quick dessert and this takes 2 minutes...literally.  It takes longer to pre-heat the oven! LOL!
Yum!!!!  Tomorrow I'm on to the kitchen!  What do you have planned this week?
Happy Trails!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy's finally here!

I am so happy...the temps are down and I went out and mowed yesterday....
The leaves are starting to change..... 
The Fall clematis and mums are in full bloom now.... 
There are still plenty of blooming flowers.......... 
and a few new ones! LOL!
Today is change sheets, laundry, iron, cook, bake, clean frig, finish off porch and  pay a few bills.  We'll see how much I get done.  Ha! Ha!  Happy Trails!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

YOP Week #12

Another busy week doing all sorts of cleaning and clearing out and going through things...getting ready for winter, I guess, although it's still hot here and I still have outside work to do once it cools off which is this week from what they say.  It's not bad...86 but this next week will be in the 70's and that's much better!  In fact, I prefer mid to low 60's for really working outside.
Here's my progress for this week...........
It isn't still needs the ear flaps but it's one Christmas present almost finished. Below are all my preemie hats so far and September's are on the right...all done for this month.
I work on my socks during my breaks....1 round per break so it's slow going although yesterday I knit while I watched the Iowa game.  Someday these socks will be done and then I'll be so sick of them I won't want to wear them! LOL!  Not really.
Last night I pulled out my rug to work on but it's hard on the hands so it's slow but I got a few rows done.  It's crocheted with a big size P hook.  In fact my fingers are sore this  morning as I type.  Bulky yarn and I do not get along well.  Remember the chair pad?
I'm still dilly-dallying around about the cross bookmarks.  I didn't like the dishcloth cotton yarn and the filet crochet version I was attempting so I picked this up Friday at Wal-Mart....
I have size 10 bedspread cotton but it seems so tiny.  This is size 5 and I also have DMC perle cotton in size 8 and all kinds of crochet hooks except the ones they recommend.  So today I will "fiddle" with them and see what I can come up with.  I think it would be nice to use the above as it is Christmas colors and that's probably when they will all get done.  I have to make at least 10 or 11 of them.  But I'm looking forward to it if I can get the right thread/yarn and hook.  I'll keep you posted. (These are for the "cross" bookmarks I am making for my daughter's Bible Study group).
This is Day #21 of the porch cleaning and reclaiming as it was pretty much a storage garage before.  A few more pieces of excess furniture to remove, more books to bring in.  I plan on my gardening books to be under the the potting bench and I moved the plants to this little stand next to the West facing windows where they get afternoon sun.  Once I plant the mums outside I'm hoping to have a little indoor garden out here.  There are things you can grow inside such as herbs, lettuce and I think cherry tomatoes but not sure.  Things that don't need pollination but I'm thinking tomatoes do.
Anyway...that' s the plan. 
The plants I left on this unit are plants that like indirect light not full sun and I am using it for some books although I need to get some plastic place mats to put over the metal grating or the books fall through.  I had 4 leftover tiles I used that I had but need the place mats now before I can put more books there.
 This is my indoor grill.  Originally this porch was a deck so the brick wall was the outside of the house but my dad enclosed it so now it's inside and I can grill 24/7!
This is my grilling area and that's my celery plant......
This cupboard was falling apart and I practically had to rebuild it yesterday but inside are jars of seeds I saved and on top are my plant and grilling supplies.
 Underneath the table is a plastic pail with charcoal that I refill from a large garbage can filled with charcoal in the garage.  There's also a small handled "grill" for grilling veggies and smaller items under the table.
This is a potting bench I got at Home Depot years ago in a kit that I put together.  The green bin for soil though is cracked so I'm on the lookout for another one that size.  I'm thinking of putting my gardening books underneath the bench or pots or both.  The barn board with the chickens used to hang in my kitchen 40 years ago.  I painted it and it has nails that used to hold egg baskets that I also still have! LOL!   I threw out a bunch of old pots and plastic containers and there are even a pile of books to get rid of.  It feels good and I have a nice porch.  Now I just have to do the rest of the house!  The kitchen will be next as I have cupboards and drawers to clean and clear.
What have you been up to this week?  I'll be by later to check!  Have a great Sunday.  Happy Trails!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Back on the road again.........

I finally put a life line in my sock and ripped back to where my "mistake" was.....

 I ended up doing it twice to get the lifeline on the same row throughout but it worked and I'm "on the road again"!
 This is Grace in a timeout...LOL!
Last night I made a #2 preemie hat for a girl...this is with the brim rolled up.... 
and this is with it rolled down........ 
Supper tonight was compliments of Barilla pasta 
via Alicia Paulson
Inexpensive, easy, filling and healthy...
There were many things I couldn't do yesterday as we had some severe thunderstorms in the afternoon and working on the porch with all those windows was out of the question
but I did manage to get out there for a bit last night and a bit today...........I've rounded another corner and it's cleaned but not finished.  I cleaned all those books individually. I spritz a rag with bit of window cleaner until the rag is just damp and wipe down my books that way.  I've divided those shelves into decorating, cross stitch, crafts, rug hooking and home far.  I replaced 2 sets of pillowcases with the last 2 yellow gingham curtains I got at a sale.  I don't think the wash tub will stay there but for now it's out of the way...we'll see.  The "church"  bookcase I bought several years back.  I always go for the unique and unusual! LOL!  I think I paid $80.00 for it.  The wash tub was on my farm in the barn when I "bought the farm".
I'm off to put my feet up and watch "the game" and crochet.  Have a wonderful evening.  Happy Trails!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Miss Elaneous............that's me!

A little bit of this and that.  I've got so many irons in the fire I'm getting no where fast.  But I did manage to get these luscious veggies at the Farmer's Market......along with some gourds and baby pumpkins and do you see the "black" peppers?  They are not eggplant.

These are sweet potatoes and turnips and that vegetable brush was my Mother's and is still going strong!
These are scarlet runner beans and wish me luck as I've never fixed them before but they tell me they are wonderful with a ham bone thrown in and over cornbread.  Sounds like a plan to me!
I finished The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman which is a first novel by an absolutely wonderful writer.  It's been a long time since I've read something I had a hard time putting down.  It takes place on the coast of Australia on an island with a lighthouse.  I can't wait to see what else she writes.  She's so good there are many, many sentences that are truly quotable and frame worthy.....great writing!
There was bread making..........
and some knitting............
and no I haven't forgotten the porch.........Day #13 was yesterday but it's getting there, slowly but surely.  I've just about got all my plants out on the porch now.
along with a little more Fall decorating with some gourds and pumpkins......
 and even a couple acorn squash for safe keeping..........
I cleaned off the old cradle my dad made for my children and which each of them slept in when they came home from the hospital.  None of them wanted it for their children so I still have it.  When I move I will probably get rid of it but when I cleaned it I noticed he had carved his name on the bottom so I can't quite let go of it yet.  Maybe I'll put all those hand knitted toys in it....when I get them done! LOL!  The "Princess Pillow" my daughter got me when I had my eye surgery so I could use it on the long ride home from the hospital (3 hours).  The afghan was a Goodwill find for $7.00.  I can't remember where the 2 little apple pillows came rummage sale?
I've gotten to the other corner and turned it...........I haven't sewn the curtains yet so I resorted back to using some pillowcases but I did get the windows washed and the "curtains" too.
Lots to do this week so I had better get a "move on".  I started reading a new book. I was reading The Book Thief and also The Storyteller but they are both about the holocaust and I can barely take reading about it at all much less in 2 books at a time. I decided to start reading Sweet Salt Air by Barbara Delinsky in order to give my empathetic nerve a little break.  So far so good!
Take care and have a great day!  I'll be around later to visit you all and see what you've been up to!  Happy Trails!