Sunday, April 26, 2015

YOP Week #43

This has been a great week for knitting.....and the self-patterning yarn IS magic!'s also like dangling a carrot because you want to keep knitting to see what the next pattern is that appears....amazing!
Arne and Carlos have some of these yarns out there in self-patterning and they are very nice also.
I was so into knitting I just had to cast on something else too.  I've been reading Susan B. Anderson's archives and taking notes on yarns, patterns, books etc. and I came across her mitten pattern using Noro Kuryeon which I adore and it just so happened I have several skeins.  So, I found the right needles and cast on!
 I've done the cuff and 1 inch of stockinette and I am ready to start the thumb and mitten part.  I purchased the pattern and it includes fingerless mitts also but I 'm making mittens this round.   You never get bored with these color or pattern changing yarns that's for sure!
The amigurumi is done except for some more stuffing and embroidery and then sewing it together.  I thought of making these and selling them on Etsy but not sure my hands could handle it for very long.  We'll see, cotton yarn and single crochet is a tight weave and not a smooth flowing process like knitting.  It puts pressure on your hands and they get sore after awhile.  Of course, I have arthritis but then even if you didn't you might get it after doing this type of crochet for very long.  But they sure are cute!

When I mentioned above that I was going through Susan B. Anderson's blog archives I wondered if any of you have done that when you find a favorite blog?  She started blogging back in 2007 and her blog is full of interesting items worth noting and I love her projects.  To me it's like reading a best seller.  But then I like to read cook books too! LOL!  After I'm done with Susan it will probably be Alicia Paulson and then Kristen Nicholas.....which reminds me..........Kristen who designed the yarn I am using on my sock just came out with a new book that I want to get my hands on.  Doesn't it look wonderful?  Kristen lives in an old farmhouse in Massachusetts where she has done mostly "hand-made" decorating over the years.  I think that really makes a house a home and she has now published this book inviting us in.

I also discovered ( you might already know about it) Julia Vesper of Knitterly Things (on Ravelry) and her glorious hand-dyed sock yarns!  I think I "dyed" and went to sock heaven!  This is just one example but she has so many I love but she sells out as fast as she can make it.  I adore her Vintage and Bubblegum and Love Stinks.....great names and beautiful yarns.  I'll probably be stalking the yarns for trade or sell on Ravelry.   
But my very next purchase will be this............Skacel, Zauerball Crazy Socks.....sounds about right for me!   This is the Parrot colorway but there are many more!  Isn't it gorgeous?
Photo: product
I also discovered The Loopy Ewe which many of you are probably already familiar with too but what a great yarn AND fabric shop!  They carry lots of hand dyed yarns and tools and I haven't even gone over to their fabric shop yet!  The only thing they need now is a book store and I could just go live there.
I definitely think the yarn bug has bitten me and I can see flashing "danger" signs in my future!  Oh, be still my beating checkbook!
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!
Happy Trails!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Here's some entertainment for you!


Items I write down to share with you are mounting and some have time limits so I must share them with you now!  I don't watch a lot of t.v. because most of it I don't care for and on weekends it's really "slim pickin's" but if you're like me you might enjoy some of the following that I found.  I have Dish but the lowest package they offer so I can get the local news and weather.  I found this on FETV which is Family Entertainment Channel and they also call it COZI sometimes.  Murder She Wrote is on Friday nights from 7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. covering 3 different episodes. 
Now, on Monday nights you know I watch Dancing With The Stars (DWTS's)...loved Disney night~

'Dancing With the Stars' Recap: Disney Whirled
and then after that is Castle.........
 Castle Season 8 Shocker: Nathan Fillion to Return... But Without Stana Katic?
 When Irish eyes are "crying"..............

‘Grey’s Anatomy': Patrick Dempsey Officially Leaving After 11 Seasons
On Thursday nights it is Grey's Anatomy which I have watched from the beginning....14 years????  Really?  If you are a fan you know Derek (the 2 main characters are Derek and Meredith) died the other night.  I have never cried for a movie star but I cried Thursday night as I can't imagine the show being that good with only 1 of the 2 main characters.  I guess I wasn't alone as it was even on the news the next night.  I never watched soap operas but this is probably the same thing and the fans are up in arms about it!  Shonda Rhimes, is this any way to treat your longtime fans?  If you are a Grey's fan please let me know what you think.  Although, Shonda did state that Derek and Meredith showed what a good marriage could be based on mutual respect, shared responsibilities and consideration for each other while staying true to yourself at the same time!  Good job on that front!

 Now, on Saturday night on the Hallmark channel at 7:00 p.m. I have been watching The Good Witch.  These "series" seem to run for 6 weeks and then they switch to another.  The Good Witch just ended until next year (PBS does this same thing) and.......
 Recap - The Storm - Good Witch
  tonight is the series premier of When Calls The Heart by Janet Oke that I might have mentioned last year...LOVE!
 When Calls the Heart Store
   It is excellent so I wanted to let you know it starts tonight!  After that I switch over to PBS and watch Father Brown
  and then Death in Paradise. 
 ... Morrissey and Sally Phillips join ‘Death in Paradise’ Season 4
These 2 are both BBC productions and mysteries that I love.  What I would call lighthearted mysteries...nothing that would give you bad dreams....there's always a bit of humor thrown in.
So, pop some popcorn and find a comfy seat and get ready for some great entertainment!
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Springtime like the North but in the South

I am loving this Spring, it took care of my homesickness!  It is cool and rainy and green everywhere!
 My little Grayson boy (3 year old grandson) had surgery yesterday at the University of Iowa and thankfully he came through it just fine!  It's hard to be so far away when you want to be supportive but as usual he had the nurses and doctors laughing as he sang Old MacDonald Had A Farm right before he went under.
I tried to stay busy around here to keep my mind from worrying and it worked.  I got lots done yesterday! LOL!
Monday I went to Wal-Mart, and Tuesday I did all the chores that didn't get done Monday while I was gone and today I made a batch of peanut butter cookies.
The hummingbirds are back too much to my surprise!  Someone told me to put the food out in May when I first came down here but I googled a migration map and lo and behold they arrive in our part of AR on April 1st!  All these years those poor hummers travel a thousand miles or more from Central America and I don't have anything for them until a month after they arrive?  Shame on me but this time I had the curtains open and there he was....right in front of the window looking in at me as if to let me know they were back and they were HUNGRY!  I didn't get a picture of them yet but they are buzzing the feeder for sure!  And Mama bird (not a hummer but not sure what) is in the nest on top of the curve in the gutter right outside my kitchen window.  She nests there every year and is such a good mom.
The pansies have filled out........these are nestled in the window well so they look better......
These are out in the open and get the driving rain and hail and wind but they're tough little flowers for Springtime weather!  But you can see the difference in them.
 The dogwoods are blooming in the woods too but I had to take a picture through the window as it was raining......
 It's been cozy and I've been cleaning up the living room and sorting through books and papers.  I'm not even dusting just vacuuming and organizing. 
When I take a break I knit a round on my sock.....I just finished the ribbing at the top and now I have 6 inches of stockinette before I get to the heel and gusset.  I love stockinette stitch.
 My evening crochet is coming along too.......I have the body done and one arm and I'm working on the other arm.  2 legs after that, some embroidery and sew it together and I'll have a "funny bunny"!  Oh, there are 2 red ears also that aren't in the photo but are finished.
I picked up some herbs at Wal-Mart and as soon as it stops raining and dries out a bit I need to plant them and also mow again!  This is Greek Oregano.............
Here's some thyme, Italian Oregano, mint and cinnamon basil.....ahhh, the aroma!
 I cleaned my statue of the Pieta today.  I've had this statue for over 40 years (and I can't believe my children never broke it like they did everything else I had! LOL!)  It has a wooden base and it's heavy so I have to hold it upside down and scrub it with a brush and detergent as there are all kinds of crevices as you can see.  The original is about life size I think.  When I first saw this statue I fell in love with it and I am no art connoisseur as I did not even know how famous it was or who did it except for it stated it on the front.  There is certain art, music, literature and beauty in this world that can give you shivers, speak to your soul or bring tears to your eyes.  This one does all 3 and I still adore it 40 some years later.
Happy Trails!