Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I bet you wonder what I've been up to................

Well, the kids are coming to town.....all of them!  Well, all the grands that is and their chaperones! LOL!  I knew my daughter was coming in August but I didn't know my son was coming with his new significant other who I have not met yet.  I have talked to her on the phone though and she is a sweetie!  But I was in the middle of cleaning and organizing and now I need to get "a move on" big time!  Presents to finish and a house to clean and food to prepare.  So, you won't be seeing me out here too much other than to "document my cleaning frenzy"! LOL!
I started organizing my fabrics and sewing things as it has taken over my dining room and I think we might be needing it.
I cleaned out one closet in the middle room and this morning (I was up at 3:30..I think I'm starting to panic) I went to the Dollar Store and got plastic containers to "organize" and/or "divide and conquer".
So far, it seems to be working but I still need more containers...will I ever have enough?  These are great for fat quarters and I love "locking lids".  I need about 3 more though as I have Black, Green and 30's fat quarters.  I may dig up more too before the day is over!
I only have a few charm far.......
Then there are WIP's which I want to keep the fabric together as it was specifically bought for certain projects.  These containers are working well for those.
It seems I still have "miles to go before I sleep" though..........
Wish me luck! 
Happy Trails!


Sunday, July 12, 2015

YOP Week #2

I did manage to get my YOP 2015 - 2016 page up this week so that was good!  And I have a finish!
Yes, Uriah's quilt is finally done all except for the quilt label which I was debating.  It also needs to be washed and dried in a dryer (which as you know I do not have at the moment) which means I'll have to take it to the laundromat here in town and then it needs to be wrapped up and a few extras put in and sent off!
Miss Peeps has to be everywhere I am,  so trying to keep her out of the picture is useless.
I would like to make a quilt label but I have more gifts to finish so not sure if I should spend the time but this looked like a fairly quick and simple method...of course, mine would not say "jam" but more like Uriah's name, the date, the occasion and the quilter.  I've never made a stitched one before so any suggestions would certainly be appreciated.
It came from this book which is my favorite crafting book at the moment.  I love every project in it and that is unusual.  I highly recommend it if you are a sewer or "wanna be".  It is "jam" packed (ha! ha!) with the sweetest and cutest projects for yourself or for gifts.  It is by Amy Sinibaldi of the famous blog Nana and Company
Here is what I am working on this week.........(as if you haven't seen these things a zillion times already)
a present which I can only show a peek of..............
I figured out I am still in April for the preemie hats but I'll be in May by this week maybe today.  I have to have all of this stuff done by the time my daughter comes in August.
There are some extra ones that when I was too tired to get up and see what was needed next, I just crocheted one and figured it would be needed at some point regardless of size.
My Hudson Bay Blanket sock is coming along great and I'm now on the foot heading towards the toe and all knit stitch until then.
Someone asked me last week where I got the yarn and it is a custom order from Fishknits. It is her Canadiana yarn.   She did not charge me extra for a custom order but you do have to be patient.
That's all for this week!  Happy Trails!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Finishes

It's been a wild week but nothing terrible just crazy.  But I got a few things "finished".
 I finished this book about the hurricane that hit Galveston, Texas back in the early 1900's.  It was mostly about the man who was the weather reporter on the island during that time.   It was a good book and very interesting but one of those that jumps around and I found it confusing.  I would recommend it if you like history or weather or both but it is really sad. I would rate it 4**** out of 5.
 I also finished this book.  It is good but it would be very unenjoyable for me to follow her regimen.  I sometimes take parts of tips but her "diet" would be hard for me to follow as I try to eat healthy but not to extremes.  I guess if my RA and Graves was really interfering with my lifestyle I would follow it but I have gotten pretty good at monitoring, exercising and eating sensibly.  I may buy a copy of the book later as you would have to own it as there are recipes etc. and I couldn't remember all of the info by borrowing it from the library.  I would rate it 4**** out of 5 if you have autoimmune issues.
I finished reading my first issue of ROL magazine.  It is a great resource but so much of the items and/or ingredients for recipes are not available here.  I though it a little presumptuous  of the magazine to assume we have great farmer's markets or access to those types of things.  It seemed to apply more to people living closer to metropolitan areas and also with a nice income! LOL! I would rate it 3*** out of 5
I finished The Stillmeadow Road by Gladys Tabor.  I love her writing and her lifestyle.  It's not  really a story but more a journal of her life of a particular year by month and of her farm Stillmeadow
It would be hard to give a synopsis of the book other to say it is peaceful and wonderful for me.  I love to read about rural living as it takes me back and hopefully forward again too. I get lost in it and it gives me lovely thoughts as I drift off to sleep. 4**** out of 5

This was a finish but not mine..........we had a female visitor who came to lay her eggs........if she looks like she is focused and straining....she is.  I did not realize at the time I took this picture that she was laying her eggs.  As soon as I realized it I left her alone and came back later...........
 She had dug through stones, mulch and mud to lay her eggs and then she left never to see her young that she brought into the world.  That's alright because so many times they get dug up by the armadillos and eaten.  It's just as well she doesn't look back.
In parting, here's a picture of Miss Peeps with her new friend.  I've been lecturing her about biting living things so now she's taken up with attacking Mr. Orangutan.  He doesn't seem to mind like the rest of us do.  My legs are finally healing and I may actually be able to shave them again before the end of summer LOL!   She's very lucky that we are all so tolerant in this family.  She's even taken over Annie's bed and Annie gets out and lets her have it...the bed that is.
I hope you have a nice weekend!  Happy Trails!